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Just add this script tag to the head tag your blog or website. It provides two handy features: taking simple card names and deck-lists and creating a rich javascript interface with popover images, etc.

<script src=""></script>

The parser will strip existing html and use a line by line evaluation of the contents to submit to tapped out for proper formatting.

Card display

I'd like to thank <span class="mtgcard">Phyrexian Dreadnought</span> for existing. But really <span class="mtgcard">Serra Angel [M10]</span> is my jam.

The widget will turn the simple text into a link with image popover if it can find the card.


Elements with the class deck-list will be evaluated, parsed and built out.

Valid code:

<div class="deck-list">
    1x Card Name
    99 Card Name 2
    Ignored line
    9999x Card Name 3


Numbers in a explicit block can be followed optionally by ‘x’. The word sideboard on its own line designates the following items are sideboard items. Lines starting with neither a number nor sideboard are ignored and removed in the final rendering.

Decklist 2

Additionally, if you want to show off a deck you created on tapped out, you can do the following:

<div class="deck-list" data-stub="theres-a-sliver-for-that">&nbsp;</div>

Where the data-stub attributes contains your deck’s stub.


Implicit Use

The widget will search for blockquote tags on your page. If it finds one and the block contains a line that begins with a number followed by x, it will attempt to parse the content just like the explicit use.

    12x Serra Angel

This will not parse:

    12 Serra Angel